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Create the Ultimate Visual Experience with Intel® Iris™ and HD Graphics

Intel® Iris™ Graphics Powers Built-in Beautiful

Intel Iris graphics brings you a built-in, eye-popping visual experience—no extra graphics card required

Intel® Iris™ graphics, together with the Intel® Core™ processor, delivers amazing and vibrant multimedia experiences. Get immersed in high-speed, stunning, 3D gaming. Do advanced photo and video editing quickly and easily. Sit back and enjoy the best in movies with gorgeous HD and brilliant 4K Ultra HD display.

Intel Iris graphics is Intel’s newest and most powerful graphics product, built right in to the processors. With double the performance of the previous generation of Intel® graphics (see performance data below), Intel Iris graphics lets you enjoy heightened immersive experiences when playing games optimized specifically for Intel Iris graphics.1 From the newly released GRID 2 to the world renowned StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Intel Iris graphics provides you with an immersive gaming experience with faster 3D rendering, more complex shading, and fluid character motion.

At home or on the go, Intel® Iris™ graphics powers built-in beautiful.

2x better 3d Graphic performance

Intel® HD Graphics Helps You Do Everyday Tasks With More Clarity

Intel® Iris™ Graphics brings you a vibrant visual experience—no extra card required

Intel® graphics, together with the Intel Core processor, powers great visual experiences in 3D graphics, media, and compute. Watch your favorite HD videos with exceptional clarity. Easily view and edit your photos. Enjoy playing today’s popular games.

Games get better with Intel

Game better with Intel

PC games optimized for Intel® graphics technologies are more responsive and realistic. Battles look more epic. Race action roars at breakneck speeds. And combat feels pulse-poundingly real.

Versions of HD graphics

Edit, convert, and watch HD videos

Edit videos seamlessly with high processing power delivered by Intel® Quick Sync Video and OpenCL. Convert your videos in a flash for portable players and tablets or for online sharing with Intel Quick Sync Video. Enjoy sharper, smoother, richer images and HD video with Intel® Clear Video HD Technology.

Huge leaps in performance

Super-size your HD display

View movies or presentations in ultra-high definition on Ultra HDTV or 4K resolution displays. With Intel Iris and Intel HD graphics, you can even daisy-chain up to three displays—or use collage mode to combine displays into a single unified higher resolution for larger screen sizes.

Intel® Graphics Technology: Drivers and Support

Intel® Developer Zone

Find community forums, developer tools, and other resources for gaming and visual computing developers.

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Intel® Processor Graphics supports more than just 3D and media. It also supports compute. One way that developers can take advantage of the compute architecture of Intel® Processor Graphics is by downloading the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ to code, build, debug, and analyze applications.

Download the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ >

Learn more about the compute architecture of Intel® Processor Graphics >

Performance Data

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1. 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5-4558U processor (28W, 2.4 GHz (turbo up to 2.9 GHz), 2C/4T, Intel® Iris™ graphics 5100 1.10 GHz, graphics driver 15.31.3063) compared to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3-3687U processor (17W, 1.9 GHz, 2C/4T, Intel® HD Graphics 4000 1.10 GHz, graphics driver 15.28.2875, 15.31.3063).