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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair:
Event Summary

Intel ISEF 2013

After winning local, regional, state and national competitions around the globe, 1,600 of the world’s most promising young scientists, engineers and mathematicians gathered in Phoenix to take part in the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

The opening ceremony took place at the Phoenix Convention Center, where students waved national flags and banners, celebrating their arrival at the world’s largest pre-college science competition. These students represent the best of the world’s best, having beaten out more than 7 million competitors worldwide who participated in original rounds of science fair circuits to make it to Intel ISEF 2013.

During their week in Arizona, these young innovators presented original research on some of today’s most challenging problems, as they vied for more than UDS 4 million in prizes and scholarships.

For many participants, Intel ISEF is a life-changing event. For some, it is their first time traveling far away from home. For others, it offers the first opportunity to interact with college professors, distinguished professionals and even Nobel laureates in their fields of interest. For all, it presents the opportunity to meet 1,599 like-minded peers who share their enthusiasm for science. 

After a week in Phoenix, attending symposia on everything from data analysis to finding funding from venture capitalists, and engaging in social events such as the annual pin exchange, many of these budding scientists form lifelong bonds.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair