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Education Transformation: Professional Development

Supporting teachers with professional development and training

Intel Teach Philippines: Shaping the Independent Learner


Enabling educators to learn on their own

Continuing professional development is a crucial element in ensuring a student-centered learning environment in the classroom. Teachers must have the relevant tools and training to effectively integrate the use of technology in the classroom and sustain improved student-learning. Because each teacher has his or her own context of teaching and learning, Intel Teach Philippines provides personalized opportunities for teachers to learn independently.

Since 2000, Intel Philippines has aligned with the goals and objectives of the country’s Department of Education to enable teachers to learn the appropriate use of technology for educational purposes through Intel Teach. We have worked at implementing a transition from supporting trainer-led trainings to creating opportunities for independent online learning for educators.  This approach enables the teachers to customize their own training to their particular needs and personal schedules, through independent online courses, facilitated online training (via webinars and the Intel Engage Community) and access to open education resources.


Intel tools, resources and professional development for teachers

The Intel® Teach Program offers proven professional teacher development for 21st century skills, and is the largest, most successful program of its kind. It is part of Intel’s commitment to elevate K–12 education worldwide by giving teachers the tools and resources they need to effectively integrate technology into the learning process. Intel Teach promotes standards-aligned, problem- and project-based approaches to learning that teaches educators to encourage students to use technology such as Web 2.0 and social networking for learning, creativity, and communication.

Intel holds a week-long conference, the Educator Academy that runs parallel to the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), where select government officials and educators from around the world participate in panel discussions, presentations, and workshops with the goal of improving math and science education. Since 1997, this conference has enabled attendees from over 45 countries to drive improvements in their mathematics and science education by promoting inquiry- and project-based teaching and learning.

Education Transformation