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Wealth in Me


Unit Summary

Children now more than ever are becoming restless and are part of statistics for a number of diseases. This unit intends to let them realize the importance of their health. The students will be asked to assume the role of a documentor and a profiler of a healthy and an unhealthy person. The profiles have to be written on the class wiki site. They should be able to create a brochure that will give practical advice on maintaining one’s health.    

Curriculum Framing Questions

  • Essential Question
    Who is truly wealthy?
  • Unit Question
    Why do people always say health is wealth? Is health really wealth?
  • Content Questions
    What are the physical and mental needs of a person?
    What are the effects of physical and mental state to one’s health?
    How do we keep ourselves healthy? 

Prerequisite Skills

  • Possess interview skills for the documentary activity
  • Literate in using the internet and blog sites
  • Composition writing skills

Instructional Procedures 
1. Introduce the lesson through a KWL activity. Students answer the Essential Question: Who is truly wealthy? Give the template (doc) for the KWL and ask them to fill it in for about 5 minutes.
2. Let students share their KWL with at least 3 different classmates. Have them share their observations on the responses of the other students.
3. Lead them to the collective idea (if any in particular) that needs to be clarified like wealth being attributed only to money or material things.
4. Tell them that the essential question will be answered more fully through the project that they are about to embark on. Introduce the unit topic using the teacher’s unit introduction (ppt).
5. Give the students a clear view of what they are going to venture on in the next days. Show the rubric (doc) of the final project to be submitted at the end of the unit.

**PBL group initial activity: Instruct the pupils to form a group composed of 3-4 members. Let them assign a role for each of the members. The roles that they have to take are the following: interviewer, documentor/editor, wiki writer, and transcriber. Give the following descriptions of their specific roles and tasks:



Writes the specific questions that will be answered by the interviewees and the gets the group’s approval. Conducts the interviews 



Prepares the recorder and/or video camera to be used in the interview. Records the interview session 

Wiki writer


Writes the group output in the wiki and attaches the documents required in the wiki



Transcribes the questions and answers stated in the interview session using a word processing software

Remind them to accomplish a meeting log for the discussion that transpires during their meeting. Give the format (doc)  of the log. Give them the self reflection form (doc) to prepare them for their collaborative work. Tell them that they have to refer to this every time they do their group work for them to be reminded.

1. Review that concepts presented yesterday by asking them to write a short reflection (doc) using the template provided. Ask students to do a short exercise. Relate this to the topic: Describing a Healthy Person.
2. Show the teacher presentation (ppt) that contains a short quiz on what the students think are healthy or unhealthy habits.
3. Present scenarios in relation to physical and mental sickness or diseases. Present a case story of a person who has cancer ( a video be shown)or let pupils watch a presentation about cancer in children on youtube            Childhood Cancer Awareness           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGS4yE5v9rM&feature=related *
4. Make deductions from the statistics presented.
5. Present another video on you.tube           ‘My Name is Julie’ a brave young girl who died from cancer         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBUJdiuGmhM&NR=1 *
6. Let students infer how the person in the case presented got to this state
7. Ask the physical and mental needs of a person. Let them work by groups with 4 members each. Give them the template (doc) of the graphic organizer. Have them present their outputs after.
8. Let them form their concept about what physical and mental health are using the same template given.
9. Assignment: Research on the common physical and mental diseases and how these can be prevented. Put these on a brochure (doc) to be uploaded to the wiki site. Don’t forget to cite your sources.

1. Present to the students the project that will be done. Instruct them that they will interview a healthy person and an ill person of their health habits. Have them compare the responses of the two people afterwards.
2. Have them write at least 5 general criteria that they need to consider in choosing the interviewee to meet the objective set for the project. The criteria made by each group are shared to the whole class to arrive at just one list that will be used by all the groups.
3. Let them prepare the questions to be asked during the interview. Present the content questions and the unit questions to be included in their list of questions. 

What are the physical and mental needs of a person?
What are the effects of physical and mental state to one’s health? 

Why do people always say health is wealth? Is health really wealth?

4. Using the profile template (doc) with their final interview questions, let the students do some sort of simulation of their interview activity.
5. Give each group a document  (doc) that contains the guidelines for conducting an interview. Go over these guidelines with the students. Upload this to the class wiki site.

1. Let the pupils interview 2 people they have identified earlier (adult or a distinct person whom they consider to be model of good health and another person who is ill).
2. Let them make comparison of the responses given by the interviewees.

1. Ask the pupils to organize the information they gathered during their interview activity.
2. Go over their draft before letting them put their outputs on wiki. Give them the reminders (doc) before putting their entries on their wiki.    
3. Give them the whole time to write their entries on their wiki site.      http://wealthinme2.wik.is/Welcome *
4. For their reflection, let them answer the Essential Question: Who is truly wealthy?

1. Ask pupils to make their final reflection of the activity they had on wiki. Give them the template (doc) to be filled up.
2. Have the pupils prepare their Brochure (using word or publisher) about ways of becoming wealthy and being healthy. An alternative is that students will make a one-page newsletter that will contain their answer to the Essential question. Let them include a group checklist of maintaining one’s healthy in all aspects.
3. Give the peer feedback form to the members of each group and encourage them to accomplish this for the purpose of improving their working relationship and collaborative skills in their future group (doc)  activities.
4. Collate the feedback and process in class.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Resource  Students
For those students who may have visual impairment, she/he may be asked to use the computer with the JAWS software so she/he can still participate in the Wiki activity. A recorder may be lent to the student during class discussions.
For those who have learning disability, assign a peer tutor to work with the student. Always see to it that handouts and templates are provided before any activity is done. Schedule special consultation hours with the student especially when they are expected to submit their outputs.

Gifted/Talented Students
Students will be asked to do a case study of a person with cancer and make a documentary movie with the permission of the sick person. He will be asked to publish a write up of such on a website that is accessible for all students.

The Wealth in Me

At a Glance

Year: Grade 6
Subject: Science, Language
Time needed: One week