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Intel® Teach Elements – Online Professional Development Courses

Intel® Teach Elements

Engaging eLearning courses for K–12 educators

Explore 21st century learning concepts

Intel® Teach helps K–12 teachers of all subjects learn to engage students with digital learning, including digital content, Web 2.0, social networking, and online tools and resources. Intel Teach professional development empowers teachers to integrate technology effectively into their existing curriculum, focusing on their students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, which are precisely the skills required in the high tech, networked society in which we live.

Intel® Teach Elements are free, just-in-time professional development courses that you can experience now, anytime, anywhere. This series of compelling courses provides deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts.

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Designing Blended Learning

Transition your teaching to blended learning experiences where some portion of learning occurs online and outside of a traditional classroom setting. Prepare your students for self-directed and independent learning.

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Inquiry in the Science Classroom

Transition from textbook science to authentic inquiry. Explore ways to develop your students’ scientific thinking and practices.

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Thinking Critically with Data

Examine critical thinking with a focus on data analysis. This course will help you prepare students to think analytically in our global, knowledge-driven world.

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Project-Based Approaches

Explore the features and benefits of project-based learning with classroom scenarios that help you to engage students with self-directed learning.

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Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms                                         

Learn how to plan, develop, and manage student-centered assessment strategies that can benefit your teaching and your students’ learning.

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Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Plan and manage collaboration activities that integrate online tools, which are increasingly an integral part of our digital, global world.

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Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

Learn how school leaders can better use technology to help support teacher effectiveness and improve student achievement.

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