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Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) and Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) provides key programming information for initializing Intel® silicon and can be easily integrated into a boot loader of the developer’s choice. It is easy to adopt, scalable to design, reduces time-to-market, and is economical to build.


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Signal processing and packet processing functions have often required special-purpose hardware such as digital signal processors (DSPs), discrete network processing units (NPUs), coprocessors, and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). However, recent enhancements to Intel® architecture processors together with advanced software are providing developers with viable alternatives.

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Embedded software stack

For a complete view of the embedded software stack, please visit the Embedded Software Content Library.

If you are looking for platform-specific software, whether it be processor- or chipset-related, please visit the specific platform you are interested in to learn more.

Lastly, for Intel® software downloads, drivers, BIOS, utilities, firmware, and other support software, please visit the Download Center.

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Intel software

The Intel® Developer Zone is a software network that provides links to forums, magazines, knowledge base, resource center, and communities where you can connect with other developers and Intel engineers to find solutions for your embedded system designs.

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Members of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance are your reliable source for software, services, and development tools.



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