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Intel® Development Toolkit for Data Gateways

Hardware and software solution for the Internet of Things

Kontron Machine-to-Machine Smart Services System

The Intel® Development Toolkit for Data Gateways is a packaged, pre-validated hardware and software solution targeted at the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway market.1

The development toolkit includes a sample Kontron IoT gateway system and development software from Wind River Systems and McAfee. Using the development toolkit, a developer can create a software image to be deployed on mass-produced IoT gateway devices. Once installed, IoT gateway devices provide data analytics and enable data flow from installed machinery to the cloud.

The Intel® Development Toolkit for Data Gateways contains:

  • One Kontron M2M* system (Note: The system is manufactured by Kontron, features an Intel® Atom™ processor E620, and comes preloaded with a Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT* 1.0 system image.)
  • One USB flash drive with Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 1.0 installation software
  • One power adapter with U.S. and European power cords
  • Two 802.11/802.15.4 antennas
  • Two 3G antennas with adapters
  • Two micro USB to USB adapter cables
  • One micro HDMI* to HDMI adapter cable

Software included on a USB flash drive:

  • Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 1.0—featuring the Wind River Workbench* development environment

Kontron M2M system I/O ports:

  • 3G/4G SIM card slot
  • Two Wi-Fi (802.11) antennas
  • Two cellular 3G/4G antennas
  • RJ-45 Ethernet
  • 12 volt power
  • Micro SD flash card slot
  • Primary micro HDMI video output
  • Secondary micro HDMI video output
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Two micro USB 2.0 ports
  • One quarter-inch stereo audio headphone or line out
  • One quarter-inch mono audio microphone or line in

Dimensions: 92mm x 100mm x 62mm (not including antennas)

System weight: 0.8 lb. (0.36 kg)

Packaged kit weight: 2.35 lb. (1.1 kg)



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Data gateways support

There are a number of ways to get support for your Intel® Development Toolkit for Data Gateways: 

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