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Inside Intel IT Radio Show Series

Subject matter experts discuss a variety of topics important to IT

Inside Intel IT Radio Show Series

“Inside IT” is Intel IT’s bi-weekly audio show that features our subject matter experts, as well as other invited IT experts,  discussing a variety of topics ranging from cloud computing and security to social media and the compute continuum in an easily consumable, eight minute podcast.


Stay tuned for our upcoming show "A look forward to 2012" with Intel Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Diane Bryant.

Inside IT: Social Media Support Strategies

The social media revolution over the past several years has been truly transformative. It's changed the way we interact with one another, and it's become and essential part to an effective business strategy. In this podcast Intel IT discusses the growing pains of developing a social media strategy for an enterprise like Intel, and how to remain agile while helping the company develop a presence in the online world.

Inside IT: Desktop Virtualization

With proper planning, development, and training, desktop virtualization gives users greater flexibility. At the same time, it offers IT more control and simplified management. It’s a great opportunity for the IT organization, but there are numerous challenges as well. In this podcast, Ed Jimison, IT Technology Evangelist, discusses the evolution of the role of IT in the organization, the development of desktop virtualization, and the role of desktop virtualization in the future of IT.

Inside IT: Strategic Planning

Intel IT engages in a strategic planning cycle to ensure alignment with the company’s business groups. It’s critical to engage in a real conversation within the organization to maximize the IT business value. In this podcast, we talk with Mark Kachmarek, a Strategic Planner at Intel. He tells us what strategic planning is, what it isn’t, and how important it is for your strategic plan to be a part of your every day IT operation.

Inside IT: Devices in the Workplace

In the four short years since the release of the first touch-screen smart phone,  mobile devices have become indispensable in the lives of many. We expect service and convenience in a way we didn’t couple of years ago. And we bring those expectations to work with us. In this podcast, we look at the variety of devices in the workplace with Michael Breton of Intel’s Innovation and Pathfinding Team. He gives Intel IT’s insight into accommodating the influx of mobile devices that we see now, and preparing for the devices we’ll see in the future.

Inside IT: Intel's Data Center Strategy

The IT organization faces tremendous challenges in developing and maintaining the data center for today's enterprise. Demand for processing and storage is ramping, while the need to cut costs is actually causing the size of the data center to shrink. In this podcast, we hear from Sheesha Krishnapura, Senior Principal Engineer for Intel IT. He'll discuss the company's strategic plan for the data center, and the complexity of providing service to such a wide array of needs in multiple geographies.


Inside IT: Cloud Computing and Security

The IT organization is undergoing rapid change.  Changes like virtualization and consumerization present new opportunities for business, and new challenges for IT.  Cloud computing shifts IT to more of a creator and distributor of services, but brings with it increased security concerns.  In this podcast, Alan Ross, who leads the Security Architecture and Technology Development Team for Intel IT, talks about data security, application security, compliance, privacy, and other issues around these evolving technologies.

Inside IT: Disaster Preparedness for the Data Center

The world is inherently risky. And damage to data or the network can be just as bad as damage to brick and mortar. The list of potential disasters is long: earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, storms, floods, as well as global conflicts, bombings, cyber attacks, and plain old human error. We are constantly reminded of the importance of being prepared for disaster and how some recent events have changed the way many IT professionals view data security. On this edition of Inside IT, a discussion about disaster preparedness in the data center with Intel IT’s Brad Ellison.

Inside IT: Mobility in the Enterprise

More and more, IT needs to be at the edge of technology and design to enable the modern workforce. Where mobility in the enterprise used to mean a laptop, it’s now much more. Employees are bringing their own mobile devices, and with them their expectations about how they want to work. Intel IT is creating systems to accommodate the rapidly changing environment, no matter where it goes. In this podcast, Dave Buchholz, Principal Engineer for Intel IT, outlines some of the challenges and opportunities of creating the mobile enterprise.

Inside IT: Stopping Viruses and Threats

Information Technology has changed dramatically in just a few years, and the security threat has changed along with it. The opportunities for these threats to infiltrate an organization has grown, and their nature has changed. Considering and addressing all of these threats can be overwhelming. In this podcast we hear from Intel’s Chief Information Security Officer Malcolm Harkins as he discusses this ever-changing security landscape and Intel’s approach to these new and changing threats.

Inside IT: Technology for Tomorrow’s Cloud

How do you build a private cloud for your organization?
Cloud computing is one of the top three priorities this year for Intel IT.  Our experience stands as an example for IT organizations looking at the business value of such an undertaking.  In this podcast, Ajay Chandramouly, Intel's Cloud Computing and Data Center Industry Engagement Manager, and Terry Yoshii, Enterprise Architect for Intel IT Research, look at the business case for developing a private cloud, and outline the nuts and bolts of building a cloud for the organization.

Inside IT: Client in the Cloud

With the continued rise in devices in use in more places in the enterprise, the IT organization needs to become a more agile service provider. As Intel IT has undertaken a multi-year transition to cloud computing to increase this agility, focusing primarily on the private cloud, the client will play a key role in creating the cloud computing strategy. In this podcast you will hear from Jim Kenneally, Intel Innovation Labs, Chuck Brown Intel Architecture Integration and Intel IT’s Tom Mant as they discuss how Intel IT is balancing what needs to be secure and delivered centrally and what needs to be delivered locally for the best user compute experience.

Inside IT: Employee Collaboration

The enterprise workplace has evolved tremendously in a short period of time. Intel IT has led the way in adopting and implementing new technologies and new strategies to create an environment conducive to collaboration. In this podcast we hear from Stephanie Wilson, Intel IT Video Conferencing Program Manager and Janet Gluck IT@Intel Employee Solutions Program Manager. They review the tools the Intel IT uses to get people together and focus on the work at hand.

Inside IT: Evaluating Small Devices in the Enterprise

We have an incredible array of devices that give us powerful compute ability and mobility. We’re more connected, more agile and more productive than ever. Intel IT has been grappling with how to accommodate the workforce’s need for mobility. David Byrne is a handheld technology specialist for Intel IT. In this podcast he talks about the company’s development of new criteria to evaluate small devices as they come to market.

Inside IT: Re-architecting Storage

The role and scope in the enterprise has changed dramatically in the past few years. So much so, in fact, that designing and managing that storage infrastructure has required new ways of thinking. In this audio podcast we learn about how Intel is re-architecting storage from Technical Program Manager Ananth Sankaranarayanan. He tells us about Intel’s tiered approach to storage.