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构建于万兆位以太网之上的 Hadoop * 集群

Hadoop * 集群受益于万兆位以太网的更高带宽。英特尔 10GBASE T 产品使万兆位以太网经济高效且广泛可用。

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构建于万兆位以太网之上的 Hadoop * 集群

Hadoop * 集群受益于万兆位以太网的更高带宽。英特尔 10GBASE T 产品使万兆位以太网经济高效且广泛可用。

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Intel® Firmware Support Package for Intel® Architecture: Paper

Paper: The Intel® Firmware Support Package provides developers the flexibility of a usage-specific, royalty-free firmware solution. (v.1, Aug. 2014)

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Choosing the Best Content Management System for Digital Signage

Solution Brief: Intel® Retail Client Manager is the best content management system to meet digital signage needs such as scalability and analytics.

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Intel® Retail Client Manager: Training Syllabus

Intel® Retail Client Manager self-guided training syllabus. A recommended learning path for detailed available training materials.

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Intel® Retail Client Manager Promotion Kit

Register for the integrated solutions with Intel® Retail Client Manager promotion, purchase one integrated solution, and receive 1,000 points.

A New Era of Trust: Advancing Security in the Intelligent Car

Vehicle data can deliver untold safety and convenience benefits, so Intel is advancing scalable intelligent car security to ultra-small devices.

Building Customer Loyalty with Retail Mobile Usage Models

Chris O’Malley discusses building customer loyalty with retail mobile usage models that aid customer interaction at Intel Solutions Summit 2014.

Create Smarter, Connected, Customer-Focused Businesses

Discover how Intel®-based platforms help businesses focus on their customers and streamline operations to deliver experiences that drive sales.

Create “Wow” Customer Experiences

Create engaging customer experiences across the omni-channel strategy by managing inventory, digital content, and audience analytics in real time.