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Intel® IXP400 Software for Network Processors

Intel® IXP400 software for network processors includes software packages, development environments, applications, drivers, and other components.

Vectorization with Intel® C++ Compilers: Guide

Guide: Describes how to enable vectorization in the Intel® C++ Compilers, including how mainstream compilers analyze sequential code.

Computing Technologies Medical Equipment

Solution Brief: Intel® product computing technologies improve virtualization, remote management, and security of medical devices. (v.001, Sept. 2009)

Multi-Core Optimization with Intel® Technology

Book: Information on multi-core optimization using Intel® Core™ processors, with examples written in C and C++ that explore possible applications.

Supralinear Packet Processing Performance with Intel® Processors

White Paper: Multi-core processors, pipelining, and flow-pining provide supra-linear packet processing performance results. (v.001, Feb. 2006)

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Impact of Software on Energy Consumption

Article: Software workload affects energy consumption, but developers who use efficiency techniques achieve superior power results. (v.1, July 2011)

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Installing a Hypervisor Layer on an Intel® Platform

White Paper: Instructions for installing a hypervisor layer on an Intel® platform using open source hypervisor and operating system. (v.1, July 2010)

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Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8000/E7000 Series: Thermal Guide

Guide: Thermal solutions and design parameters for the dual-core Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E8000/E7000 series that demonstrate cooling features.

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Why AdvancedTCA* Merits Serious Consideration for Defense Systems

White Paper: Discusses the merits of and why the AdvancedTCA* specification is ideal for modular computing platforms.

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