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Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches

Take a free interactive eLearning course to explore strategies for project-based learning.

Intel® Teach Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classroom

Learn new assessment strategies to meet needs of 21st century students in a free, online professional development course.

Intel® Teach Elements: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Prepare students with collaboration skills for the global economy. Learn to plan and manage student collaboration activities.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Workspace

Create or modify assessments using the Assessing Projects application.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects

Develop or create your own strategies for student-centered assessments.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects Curriculum-Framing

Learn how Essential, Unit, and Content Questions spark interest that guides learning to higher levels of thinking.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects Planning Projects

Find ideas and ways to improve designing and assessing a project-based unit for your classroom.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects Strategies

Learn about adapting several "ideas worth borrowing" to engage students and meet your instructional aims.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects: Cooperative Learn

Learn about different cooperative learning strategies and see how to embed them throughout the instructional cycle.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects: Graphic Organizers

Find out about graphic organizers and how to effectively use them in the classroom.