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Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Assessment Plans

Get project ideas from other teachers who have used Assessing Projects in the classroom.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Assessment Strategies

Learn effective assessment strategies by examining examples of different kinds of assessments.

Intel® Education—K-12 STEM Resources

Intel provides free STEM curriculum, competitions, and online resources to encourage students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Intel Education: Оценивание проектов

Модифицируйте или создавайте стратегии оценивания для программ обучения, ориентированных на учащихся.

Alat dan Sumber mengajar K-12

Sumber-sumber gratis untuk para guru mendukung pembelajaran kolaborasi yang berpusat pada siswa

Lessons Learned Across Five eLearning Programs

Education Transformation Research has been conducted in five countries. Each program addresses the process of eLearning integration.

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Education Toolkit: Intel Guide to Monitoring eLearning Programs

This document presents an overview of standard research design and toolkit, outlining suggested research activities.

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英特爾®教育計畫: 設計成效卓著的教學單元計畫


英特爾® 教育計畫: 以學生為核心的學習工具

英特爾® 教育計畫: 以學生為核心的學習工具

Intel Education Visual Ranking Tool: Project Examples

Learn from experienced teachers who have used Visual Ranking to engage students in critical thinking to evaluate lists.