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Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Assessment Plans

Get project ideas from other teachers who have used Assessing Projects in the classroom.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Overview and Benefits

Learn more about the features of Assessing Projects. Read research about the benefits of different kinds of assessments.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Purpose of Assessment

Assessment provides information about more than learning at the end of a unit. Read about assessment purposes.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Gauging Student Needs

Use these strategies prior to instruction to help determine a student’s skills, attitudes, and misconceptions.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Monitoring Progress

Use these strategies to help students stay on-track, design appropriate instruction, and document growth.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Tutorial

See how easy it is to use Assessing Projects. Follow a tutorial that helps get you started.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Workspace

Create or modify assessments using the Assessing Projects application.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects Project Design

Learn effective use of project approaches across curriculum and grades by following guidelines to target standards.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects Curriculum-Framing

Learn how Essential, Unit, and Content Questions spark interest that guides learning to higher levels of thinking.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects Strategies

Learn about adapting several "ideas worth borrowing" to engage students and meet your instructional aims.