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Exploring the New Revolution in Free Online Education

Getting an online education these days doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. A growing number of institutions are offering people all over the world the opportunity to get an online education absolutely free of charge, setting into motion a revolution in learning that has never been seen before. In order to take advantage of these great opportunities, you’ll need to have the most reliable computer money can buy. Take a peek at our Intel Learning Centre to start getting ideas on the right computer to match your online education needs. Then, get online and start investigating your free online education prospects. Here are a few leads to get you started in your search.


Where to Get an Online Education in Science

Education Portal offers numerous free courses in science that are delivered to you by way of video presentations. Comprised of literally hundreds of videos, your free online education in science covers the topics of biology, genetics, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry.


Want a Free Harvard Math Education?

If math is your thing and you want a great education but don’t have the financial resources or don’t live close enough to the campus of your choice, getting an education online may be the fastest route to your success. Harvard University is now offering open courses in a variety of subjects, including math. Courses include Abstract Algebra and Sets, Counting, and Probability.


Get Your Engineering Education at Carnegie Mellon

The prestigious Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative has also taken bold steps at making getting a free online education a possibility. Among a variety of courses offered, their Engineering Statistics class should greatly appeal to those interested in furthering their engineering studies. Another well-known university, Yale, offers free coursework in engineering via its Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering course.


A Multilingual MIT Education, Online and Free

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (better known the world over as MIT) is one of the top colleges in the world for science, engineering, and technology. Thanks to the advent of online education and the efforts of MIT to bridge the language barrier, aspiring students who don’t speak English can enroll in online courses in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Persian, Turkish, and Korean.


Who’d have thought that buying a new computer could help change your life in such a big way and open you up to experiences and educational opportunities you would otherwise have to pay serious money for? If you’re ready to get serious about shopping for the right computer and start making your higher education dreams come true, visit the Intel Learning Centre today.

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